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The primary function of SFCNZ business is offering assistance to our network of buyers and sellers. As a Sourcing Service we do not consider ourselves as regular brokers but more as ‘Business Partners’ where we focus on developing long term relationships based on business as opposed to making a transaction.

With each communication within our network of buyers and sellers we look for opportunities to develop business. By applying our service principals and support we are able to build a business for our partners that mutually benefits their association and SFCNZ is able to enhance the relationship.

It is a simple strategy to establish a relationship ourselves with each side of the trade to gain an understanding of the variables of their business. We are then able to assess their needs to match buyers and sellers based on the best fit for the process and work on developing a relationship where sellers can meet the regular demand of the buyers for commodity requirements.

We invite you to browse through our site and to contact us so that we can help with your commodity requirements.

We have a world-wide extensive network of contacts who are producers of many of our commodities.

In this world of online business activity one has to be aware of the many pitfalls that can await the unsuspecting. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and integrity and will strive to supply the very best products for your requirements!


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Roy Bartlam

Chief Executive
Phone / SMS: +64 21793435
S.F. Commodities Limited
Tauranga, New Zealand
NZBN #: 9429047085848
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